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Les Moles

Various authors
Rory Lambert, Jordi Cano, Juan Arrausi and Enric Jaulent
Master in Design and Communication

Various authors: Indira Cedeño, Sofía Bayancela and Mariana Sanín; Ricard Cardona, Jose Luis Chiva and César Robles; Ana Asunción, Anna González and Alejandra Guevara; Karla Vanessa Cisneros Torres, Andrés Piñeiro Coen, Francisco Antonio Rivera Astudillo and Stephanie Ruiz Santoscoy Martínez.

Description: After the initial brief comes creativity. Students in this year's MUDiC have developed a project in several phases with the Restaurant Les Moles as central. In the first phase the students studying customer needs and make contact directly to understand the problem and the purpose of the brief. After that, a period of teamwork, which ended with the presentation of their proposals in the agency SCPF Barcelona before a jury composed of some of its art directors (Josep M. Piera, Toni Segarra David Caballero) and the client: the whole team of the Restaurant Les Moles.

The MUDIC students have worked supervised by professors Rory Lambert, Jordi Cano and Enric Jaulent to get a proposal to develop a holistic method: from value proposition to the final proposal in an act of professional selling.

The keys to the project:
A restaurant with a Michelin star: Les Moles
A complex briefing: improving the positioning of the restaurant as a place to hold a wedding with originality and perfection.
Results: communication projects different, creative and with great detail.