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Conference on car sharing, and the design of the 2025 car with SEAT, RÜCKER and ELISAVA

6.15 p.m.
ELISAVA (La Rambla, 30-32). Sala Aleix Carrió (1st floor)

Jaume Sala (Head of Interior Design – SEAT Design), Andreu Solà (Designer UX–SEAT User Experience & Mobility) and Ruben Rodríguez (Design Digital Champion - Interior Comp. Design) 

The consumption of goods and services has experienced a revolution in recent years with the resurgence of collaborative consumption. In the context of mobility, car sharing is a concept that arises with force to share vehicles and maximize their hours of service. Mobility is increasingly unrelated to a car as a possession. There are many causes for this, from awareness of sustainability and economic reasons, to new consumerʼs ideals.

Within this context, we have traveled to the year 2025 to scrutinize the paradigm of mobility and car sharing, and, consequently, how it will be the interior of the shared SEAT cars. Is it a near? Perhaps temporarily, but the advance of technology promises a very significant leap that SEAT specialists Jaume Sala Renart (Head of Interior Design - Design), Andreu Solà Gomfaus (Designer UX - User Experience & Mobility) and Ruben Rodríguez (Design Digital Champion -Interior Components Design Leader) will discover us next Monday, October 16th.

Conference open to the public until full capacity.

Project: participates in the interior design of the 2025 shared cars

The conference will be held on Monday, October, 16th and will mark the start of the SEAT-RUCKER-ELISAVA 2017-2018 project to explore, design and refine the car sharing paradigm and the interior of the shared SEAT vehicle in 2025 over the next 10 months.

Under the title 'Investigation of Car Sharing Models for SEAT Cars. Interior and Interaction of the Car SEAT for Car Sharing', students of the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design and the Degree in Design will form a team tutored by experts from SEAT and RUCKER, conformed as well by designers, engineering professionals and teachers from ELISAVA.

ELISAVA thus renews the challenge after the success of the SEAT-RUCKER-ELISAVA project of the last academic year 2016-17, culminating in seven proposals for 'Future Mobility and Autonomous Car'.