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The 1st edition of Imagine IoT ends with four disruptive solutions with ELISAVA stamp



The 1st edition of Imagine IoT has come to an end with the presentation of four products and services of Internet of Things (IoT) that solve corporate and social challenges laid out by four companies:, Grupo Cosentino, Autopistas an abertis company and Adanmi.

The programme has been developed throughout 4 months through a university-company consortium between Imagine and ELISAVA, as well as with EADA, ETSETB and FIB from the UPC to promote the IoT sector in Barcelona.

The resulting projects are a result of 4 months of work during which 4 teams made by 5 dreamers –students and former students of the adhered schools and university to the consortium and workers of the collaborating companies- have worked to solve the laid out challenges.


IoT solutions


The team of Autopistas has designed SafeBeat, an IoT solution to prevent accidents on the hard shoulders.



Improve the rest of people and the quality of life is the commitment of Dormity but also, the Catalan company wanted to contribute in a greater knowledge of the resting sector in society.



The intelligent countertop UTop, with a mixed reality solution, the ULents glasses, allows the sensors of the countertop to send data to the mixed reality glasses, and according to this information they propose interactions with different chefs through an augmented reality.



Saving the maximum of lives as possible. This is the objective of Adanmi. The Catalan company created Anapphilaxis two years ago, which is an intelligent case for the epinephrine self-injector (the medicine that corrects anaphylaxis effects) that all affected persons always carry for severe allergies.