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Academic Quality

The educational project ELISAVA proposes is based on longstanding experience: fifty years of teaching within the design and engineering fields, which have always been seen as a modernising and transforming instrument of society
  • Educational Project

    Motivated to motivate. In our classrooms, the real protagonists are the students. And our teacher's goal is to motivate them to assume full powers.
  • European Higher Education Area

    The School’s study programmes are based on ECTS credits and competences, which are the main educational requirements in the European Higher Education Area.
  • International Outlook

    ELISAVA's main value, therefore, does not only lie in the knowledge it imparts, but also in the networks of professional and international relations underpinning this knowledge.
  • Inmersion in the Business World

    The School particularly values its links with organisations and institutions, since they are where our students will develop their careers.
  • Quality of degrees

    ELISAVA puts a lot of emphasis on the implementation of an Intern System of Quality Assurance that facilitates the compliance of all obligations of the School with regard to academic regulations.