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ELISAVA’s headquarters boasts 11,000 m2 of facilities that include a range of areas equipped for teaching, both classrooms and workshops. These infrastructures accurately address all the demands of ELISAVA’s educational project and the requirements of students and teachers.

ELISAVA is designed to help you develop your projects efficiently and easily. That's why the School is open from 8 am to 10 pm and enforces an open classroom policy to all its services, so that even when there is no teaching activity going on, they remain available to students. Students can use computer rooms, equipped with all they need for project work, and workshops and laboratories specialising in various areas.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the campus. This favours activity and helps you stay connected at all times. Moreover, ELISAVA has a bar and two outdoor spaces, the playground and the terrace, located on the third floor of the building. Both areas are meeting points where students can meet in order to carry out work meetings, have some snack or rest between classes.



Main ELISAVA's facilities

The MediaLab is a space for audiovisual (video, photography, post-production and editing) and interactive system (augmented reality, immersive environments, natural interaction) research and production.



Science and Technology Laboratory
This area for applied research and practice is an educational resource is equipped with a set of tools and accessories needed for scientific research and technological experimentation.


Graphic Workshop
The Graphic Workshop allows experimentation in different manipulation techniques or printing (either handcrafted, mechanical or digital) involved in creating prototypes or models of graphical objects.



Prototype Workshop
This area offers students the ability to manipulate, modify and experiment with materials for educational purposes — for representational, expressive or verification purposes. The workshop is equipped with machines and tools for working mainly on wood and its derivatives, polyurethane foam, metals, plastics and resins.  It offers different services involving digital manufacturing, laser cutting and engraving, 3D printing and CNC milling, and it has a paint cabin, foam and plastic turning and a machine for thermoforming plastics.

Multipurpose Room

Redefining the set of four classrooms with a flexible divider according to the teaching needs space. Located on the second floor, it is an experimental space equipped to ensure the quality of teaching and permit the student learning.


Computer Classrooms
The school has 11 classrooms equipped with MAC and PC software with the specific programs required for their design and engineering studies. To provide support, we have a Customer Care Centre (CAU) open during school hours.

Exhibition Hall
ELISAVA’s facilities area a mirror of the dynamic teaching activities carried out at the School. In order to exhibit projects developed by its students, the School features the Àgora Hall, a central hallway where, year after year, exhibitions take place in numerous fields.


Student Room
ELISAVA students have at their disposal this multi-purpose space designed for leisure and work. The walls are slate and serve as a wall for developing projects according to student needs. The room is equipped with a microwave and refrigerator for students who bring lunch from home. Students also have a bar service, which offers a variety of meals and sandwiches that can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors on the School’s terrace.


Conference Room
ELISAVA has annually invites prominent Spanish and international figures who share their knowledge with our entire community through presentations. Most lectures are recorded and broadcast on the School’s Livestream channel.


Electronics and Interaction Lab
A research and experimentation space that offers assistance to all studies of the School. There, experimental practices of the science and technology subjects are carried out and it is a classroom open to all ELISAVA community in order to carry out an experimental research. The lab has specific equipment for the research in several fields of electronics and interaction. In the field of electricity and electronics, the lab has the necessary tools to carry out all kinds of experiments: Power supplies, function generators, oscilloscopes, testers and other accessories (protoboards, soldering iron, components).

At a facility level, the lab is conceived in order to be able to make all kind of experiences, work with the described equipment and meet the security and protection measures. In this sense, the last acquisition of the lab must be highlighted: the fume hood. The lab is open to all ELISAVA community in order to carry out a teaching activity (practices) or open classroom in the presence of the interns.


Motion Capture Room (Mocap)
A motion capture room that has an installation of 12 special Optitrack Prime 13 cameras. The space, with an area prepared for the 8 x 5 meters motion capture, is complemented with two Motion Capture Suits with 37 motion markers or sensors each one. The room is completed with a computer that is equipped with the capture software (Motive, from Optitrack) and a plasma screen where you can see in real time the results of the procedure.