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Master in Design and Internet Web Project Direction

Basic data


Master’s Degree in Design and Internet Web Project Direction, degree awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering


Ariel Guersenzvaig
Rosa Llop
David Casacuberta

ECTS Credits



From September to July.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
From 5 p.m. to 9.15 p.m.


Spanish. Some materials or lectures will be in English.


Year 2018-19: 9,400€ (plus 500€ registration fee)
Year 2019-2020: (Spanish Edition): 10,000 € (plus 400 € registration fee).

Admission requirements

• University degree (or equivalent) in design (or engineering, communication, advertising, computing, psychology, etc.)
• High level of Spanish and basic knowledge of English.
• Proficiency in design softwares.


How can we take advantage of Internet to promote social and economic growth?

The Internet is today the place where we investigate, buy and are in contact with other people, so it is essential to train professionals capable of understanding the total transformation that such a volume of information entails and who know how to take advantage of its potential for social and economic growth. At the same time, all the opportunities that derive from it need to respond to both user needs and business challenges.

To do so, this programme proposes an applied training offer that covers all the necessary aspects so that the students acquire the competences and knowledge that allow them to undertake, direct and design products, services and applications of an innovative character and from a perspective centered on the experience of use.

Teaching staff specialized in each of the thematic areas of the programme, the case studies and the execution of a practical project, the student will obtain a multidisciplinary training. With this training, the student will have a detailed vision of the entire process of creating an interactive project where the business vision, user experience (UX), technology and interface design are at the heart of it.

The master’s degree offers the possibility to do an internship in important companies in the sector (i.e. Everis, BeRepublic, Gamma UX, Optimyzet, Multiplica, Ogilvy), but also in start-ups or companies from other fields such as Ulabox and Diari Ara. After completing this master's degree, a significant number of former students have joined some of the leading companies in the sector in Spain and abroad. Many of the final master projects have also been awarded prestigious international awards, funding and scholarships.

Máster en Diseño y Dirección de Proyectos para Internet


  • Learn and know the philosophy, mechanisms and dynamics of the Internet and digital technologies to understand this space of creation and technology as a particular language.
  • Understand the importance of the user experience as a discipline that gives meaning to the joint work of technology, design and interaction.
  • Provide the necessary interdisciplinary knowledge to be able to design and implement functional websites and web apps focused on the users and their needs.
  • Learn and know the strategies that allow the brand positioning and establish processes of collective intelligence in the development of projects.
  • Understand the characteristics of the digital technological ecosystem to take advantage of its potential in the creation of services and products that promote the digital transformation.
  • Introduce new business models, promote the entrepreneurial nature of the means and establish new professional opportunities.
  • Be able to direct, design and implement a project for the Internet in an autonomous way and be able to participate in a specialized team.


The main competences for which the master prepares are:

  • Understand and apply the sociological and conceptual mechanisms of the Internet and digital technologies in the creation of products and services.
  • Know and apply the techniques of the user experience (UX) and the interaction design for the modeling and architecture of services and applications.
  • Know and apply the user interface design principles for the creation of visual systems and micro-interactions.
  • Apply the necessary interdisciplinary knowledge to design and prototype web applications and services as well as other digital products.
  • Know and apply user-centered design techniques to design products and services focused on their needs with the aim of offering efficient, effective and usable proposals.
  • Understand and propose new business models that promote the entrepreneurial nature of the means and establish new professional opportunities.
  • Develop both content and measurement strategies that allow brand positioning and consolidate commercial conversion opportunities.
  • Know and apply planning and agile projects direction methodologies.
  • Know the interactive products design methodology, the stages that configure it and its iterative nature.
  • Be able to analyze the social context, identify opportunities and set out innovation challenges that promote digital transformation.

Projects gallery

Phenomena Experience

Various authors


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Various authors


Carlos Bolivar, Álvaro Martin, Alejandro Peredo and Lucila Tallone


Various authors


Various authors

Mission Helmet

Various authors


Various authors


Various authors

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