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Route Artlantique

Basic data


Summer 2019 (to be confirmed)


2 weeks (50 workshop hours)


Dakar, Saint Louis, Casamance – Senegal



Tuition fee



Ramon Llonch


Senegal is a focal point for creativity in West Africa where ancestral knowledge and techniques coexist with the most current concerns. The route between Saint Louis and Casamance will put the participants in contact with local designers, artisans and communities with global relevance.

Discover the potential of African Creativity.

Build a permanent bridge of communication using the common language of creativity.

Understand how globalization may have reduced distances but not yet differences.

Assume the nomadism as a fundamental point of future jobs.

Participate in a lifetime experience.

Challenge the boundaries of design, culture and production.

Program includes visits to local designers’ and artists’ workshops in Senegal, including wood, textiles, batik, jewelry…

On the basis of the knowledge of the tools and processes linked to each designer, and the understanding of context and people, students will develop several projects.


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