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Study Abroad



Design is an increasingly complex profession where the limits between traditional speciality areas are become blurred. Designers today must be capable of covering every base in this extensive market and have expert knowledge of the diversity of services they can offer. These intensive courses take a comprehensive look at design and the new opportunities they afford.



15 weeks in ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona.



These are the courses that the programme Study Abroad offers:


The Global and Historic Context of Art and Design

Global and Historic Study Abroad


Advanced  Principles in Design:  Integrating communication, humanities and scientific techniques

Advanced Principles


Digital Representation Principles

Digital Principles


Retail Design / Visual Merchandising

Retail Design


Design for Packaging

Design for Packaging


Typography and Graphic Design



Furniture and Product Design

Furniture and Product Design


Food, Design and Health

Food, Design and Health


Information inquiry